7 of the most popular online gambling games in Indonesia

As we know, gambling games are games that have existed since time immemorial. Some say that this game grew and grew with Chinese civilization. In developed countries, gambling is used as a daily game

In Indonesia, which has been recorded as having legalized judi kartu online gambling, the number of fans of various types of gambling also continues to grow. Especially after the online gambling game.

Now, of the many online gambling agent games that can be played, there are some that are most in demand in Indonesia. Some of the reasons are because the following gambling games offer great prizes, are easy to play and challenging to play. Here’s the game

1. Soccer Gambling

Online soccer gambling is part of the sportsbook category of online gambling games. This online betting game is a place where football lovers, especially football, can place bets on various football competitions in the world.

This game thrives with the most popular being the English league, Spanish league, Italian league, European champions league, including the league in Indonesia and several other big leagues.

In addition to the easy game, soccer betting also offers winning situs judi online prizes from various directions to play soccer gambling together. It is not wrong if then online soccer gambling sites are always crowded with Indonesian gamblers.

2. Online Poker

This online gambling game is very popular in Indonesia because it has become a daily game. Playing cards consisting of 52 cards are cards that we usually encounter when there are events in society, especially rural communities. Various types of. mostly done without betting.

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The goal of online poker games is to produce the best combinations. Sometimes the highest combination wins and sometimes the lowest combination wins. 7 Card Draw and others.

This game is much-loved because it not only pits luck, but also pits mental, strategy and instincts while playing. Moreover, in the world there are various poker competitions that offer very large main prizes. Average day 5 thousand players.

3. Live Casino Online

Online casinos are basically casino games that can be played on gadgets online or online betting. So generally all the games in the casino gambling house can be played at online casinos. What we need to do before playing online casino games is to visit an online casino agent or website first and then register and play.

There are several types of online casinos that are popular in Indonesia, for example baccarat, which is played by choosing which of the two cards owned by the player and the dealer is close to number 9. Then there is roulette, which is played by guessing at what number the ball will stop on a wheel. played. In addition, there is also sicbo (a kind of dice game) and dragon tiger.

4. Slot Gambling

Next is slot gambling which is still popular in casinos. This game is in great demand in Indonesia because it is easy to play but offers very large prizes. Just keep in mind, slot gambling is also the easiest to spend money when not played properly.

You don’t need any special skills to play this game. All it takes is a little understanding of how the game works. Players will be faced with a slot machine consisting of several reels. The task of the player is to press the spin button so that the machine shuffles the symbols and brings out certain combinations. If you are lucky, you will get a jackpot with a fantastic value.

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5. Shoot Fish

In the world, fish shooting online gambling games may not be very popular. But this game is very famous in Indonesia. This game, which has another name, shooting fish, is very easy to play.

The task of the player is only to press the shoot button and direct it at the fish to be caught. The more fish you shoot, the more prizes you get. The bigger the fish, the bigger the prize. Just keep in mind, the bullets used are coins and coins can be obtained from your money. So make sure your shots are aimed at the right target.

6. Lottery

Big lottery together with the history of gambling in the country. In the past, this game was widely played in people’s homes, especially during the royal period. Many people play it.

Until now, lottery is still favored by Indonesian gambling players. Especially for adults. To play it does not require special skills. Players only need to guess the numbers that come out according to the market rules that are followed. There are markets for free plugs, accurate plugs, dragon plugs, 2D plugs and so on.

7. Domino QQ

Similar to poker games, domino qq is also a game that uses cards as the medium. Only playing cards are used, but dominoes. This game can be played by 2 to 6 people online in each round. The best 2 card combinations.

So, those are some of the most popular online gambling games in the country. Which do you think you like to play?

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