Guides and Tricks to Play Mix Parlay Online Soccer Gambling for Easy Win

Assuming more chances of winning, many gambling players choose the Mix Parlay market type. Starting from how to play to tricks to win, everything is learned and applied when placing bets on online soccer sites.

With the hope, predictions and bets that have been placed really bring a landslide victory. For those of you who are curious, especially beginners, you can study the guide below which is presented complete with tricks to beat the judi online terpercaya dealer .

About Mix Parlay

For novice players who are still confused about this type of bet, Mix Parlay can also be referred to as a double bet or random ball bet in soccer match betting games. The point is, in one bet you have to choose a minimum of 3 teams in 3 different football matches.

Maximum, you can choose 20 soccer teams at once randomly in one betting package. Uniquely, in this bet you are free to mix (= mix) the type of odds you will choose. Whether to choose 1×2 odds, handicaps, guess scores, half time/full time, over under, odd or even, Correct Score, Total Goal, and others.

In this game, you are given the freedom to choose, even though the match schedule is different. For example, you bet on soccer betting for 2 matches that air today and 1 game that will air tomorrow.

In essence, you are given the freedom to choose to bet, both on the current match and on the upcoming match. You can place these bets in the first half of the match (Half Time) or until the last round (Full Time, 2 x 45 minutes). The only condition is that the bet is not placed on the same match.

Mix Parlay Calculation Formula

Before starting to bet on soccer gambling, you must first know how to calculate the winning value in the Mix Parlay game. The calculation formula is:

Bet amount x (total odds – 1) = bet amount won.

With this formula capital, you can calculate how much the winning value will be obtained independently. This formula is useful as an anticipation to avoid parties who intend to cheat by reducing the value of the victory you get.

How to Play Mix Parlay

After determining the 3 teams that you will choose, the next step is to place a bet on an online soccer gambling site. On the left side of the monitor, there is a column to enter the value of your bet. The column says “Mix Parlay @ 6,885”. This means that the value of the bet you place will be multiplied by the total odds listed in that column.

For example, you bet 50 (= $50) on 3 matches. When you win later, the winning value you will get is:

(6.885-1) x 50 = Rp.294.250.00

The important point to remember is that each multiplication value listed in the bet column must be reduced by 1 (one). Then, then that value is multiplied by the value of the bet you placed for the three matches that you have chosen.

How to Calculate Winning If 1 Team Match Draws

When betting on the Mix Parlay soccer bet, there is one team whose match results are a draw (draw). So, the odds that will be multiplied are only on the winning team. The calculation method is as follows:

You bet 50 (Rp 50 thousand) on 3 teams with respective odds:

Team 1 = 2.23 + Team 2 = 2.37 + Team 3 = 2.28, so the total odds are 6.885.

If Team 3 results in a draw or draw, then the odds calculated in full are only for team 1 and team 2, namely:

2.23 + 2.37 = 4.60 → Then, (4.60 – 1) x 50 = Rp.180.000,00.

How to Calculate Winning If 1 Team Wins Half

If one of the teams you choose ends up winning only half, then the calculation method on soccer betting bets will be different again. The previous odds value on the team must be divided by 2 first. If you have got the value, then you can calculate the total winnings that you get as a whole.

For example, if team 3 only wins half, then the calculation is as follows:

{(2.28 – 1) : 2 } + 1 ===> (1.28 : 2 ) + 1 ===> 0.64 + 1 = 1.64

So, the calculation of your total winning odds is as follows:

Team 1 = 2.23 (full win)

Team 2 = 2.37 (full win)

Team 3= 1.64 (win half)

So, the total odds are 6,240

While the amount of money you managed to win is:

(6,240 – 1) x 50 = Rp.262,000.00.

How to Calculate Winning If 1 Team Loses Half

If previously how to calculate soccer betting bets for a team that wins half, this time it’s to calculate if there is one team that loses half. Although at first glance similar, but the calculation method is different. For the winning team, the odds must be added up and then divided by 2. While the losing team will not be counted.

To make it easier to understand, consider the following example:

Team 1 = 2.23 (full win)

Team 2 = 2.37 (full win)

Team 3= 1.64 (lost half) → does not count

(2.23 + 2.37) : 2 ===> 4.60 : 2 = 2.30

So, the total odds calculated are 2.30

While the amount of money you managed to win is:

(1.30 – 1) x 50 = IDR 65,000.00.

Easy Tricks to Win Playing Mix Parlay

To be able to win every time you bet on soccer gambling in this type of Mix Parlay market, you must know the trick first. The trick is not to bet on different types of markets.

To increase your chances of winning, there are two types of markets that you can choose from, namely Handicap and Home Draw Away (1X2). For Handicap market types, it is recommended not to place more than half ball or more than 0.50 for the home team.

This does not apply if you choose a newcomer team, or better known as leg-legan. Also, choose matches in the same league or tournament and in full time (2 x 45 minutes) matches only.

As for the 1×2 market type, you must place a soccer bet with an even number of odds of more than two commas if you choose the home team. For example, 2.20, 2.40. 2.60, and so on.

If you choose an entry team, place the odds more than 3.50 and the number is even. For a greater chance of winning, place a Mix Parlay bet on American Leagues such as USA, Mexico, Argentina, and so on.

By collecting as much information as possible about how to play Mix Parlay online soccer gambling, how to place bets, how to calculate to how to beat the dealer. You will have more chances to win and get a sizable profit. Apply all the tricks you know and prove them right! Good luck.

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