How to Play Playing Cards for Beginners

Playing cards, are cards whose popularity has been worldwide and has existed agen judi togel since ancient times. Playing cards is a game full of tactics and of course depends on luck.

The origin of playing cards has been the subject of a long debate. But most agree that playing cards come from China. This opinion is not fabricated or unfounded. This opinion is based on the paper used for playing cards.

In ancient times, the only country that had paper printing agen maxbet was China, that’s what underlies the thinkers, that playing cards came from China and the Chinese introduced them.

Playing cards are actually a win-lose game without risking anything, but over time, playing cards were introduced as components or tools used for gambling.

Playing Card Games

  • The game can be played if the player members reach 2 to 4 people.
  • The cards are then shuffled in half to each player, with each player getting 7 cards at the start of the game.
  • The way to play is, you must be able to make number cards of the same suit from 2 to 10 at least three of the same row. For example, 2 3 4 love cards, then J Q K or cards with the same card numbers as 8 8 8 or K K K. The joker can be used to replace any number, that’s the specialty of the joker card.
  • Each card number has a value if so. For cards that contain numbers only have a value of 5, cards that have an ace value then get a value of 15, while for cards in the order J Q K have a value of 10.
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How to Play Playing Cards

  • Players can start by taking cards from the deck, if they don’t want cards, players can choose cards from their hands and discard them immediately.
  • Take turns with other players.
  • When finished taking cards anywhere, players must discard one card.
  • In taking cards, players are free to choose which part of the card to take. In Decks or cards in the dump.
  • Card collection at disposal is conditional. First, after you pick up the card in the dump, the card must be ready. If the card doesn’t work, then you are given a card to pick up at the disposal a maximum of 7 times within the 7 times limit, you can still take the card and throw it away.
  • Do not throw joker cards because it can end the game in this session.
  • For the card requirements to be made, the first one must be a draw.

Final Game

  • The game can only end when the cards in the deck have run out or there can also be one player who has closed cards.
  • If the game ends because the cards in the deck run out, the following calculations will be carried out, first the calculation is based on the formula determined at the beginning then the total, second, for cards that are not finished, still added but given a minus value and then the total result finally.
  • If the game ends with a closed card, when a player takes a card from the deck or discard, everything becomes a row of cards with the same number or consecutive numbers, then only 1 card is left, then it is called a closed card.
  • If the closed card takes a card from the deck, the game will immediately end. Then the closed card automatically gets an additional 250 points.
  • If the closed card takes its place from the card dump, the points become automatically according to the card closed by the closed card. But if the closed card takes a friend’s discarded card, then the friend immediately gets a minus value.
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Other Rules in Playing Playing Cards

  • In the first session, the final scores are all calculated and totaled. The value can be minus.
  • In the game, it’s not just one session. Do it in sessions so that there are players who have points up to 1000 points.
  • If in the game, the score of a player is copied with the value of another player, then the player who is overtaken will return to zero.

Some Rules That Can Be Used For The Joker

  • The Joker is a special card, because it can replace any card the player wants.
  • The use of the joker is not allowed in the first row.
  • If you get a joker, it must be used, because if it is not used, at the end of the game, the player will get minus 500.
  • If the player closes the game using the joker, it will get an additional 500 points.