IBCBET History Born in Indonesia

As a well-known brand, especially in Southeast Asia, IBCBET was born from online soccer gambling games. But previously they have been around since before the online tradition agen judi nova88 developed. With the telemarketing system and direct appointment of agents because of their loyalty, IBCBET has become known and continues to grow until the online era is easily accessible to the public. Initially IBCBET served the sportsbook gambling field that focused on football matches with various matches around the world, now they have a variety of games from live casino, slots, and various other games that you can play with real money and prizes of up to hundreds of millions.

IBCBET itself means International Betting Company which was founded in the 2000s in the Philippines. A few years later, they expanded their wings to several countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and of course Indonesia. The company is warmly welcomed in every country because it has agen judi bola a good reputation. This reputation also has several meanings such as fixed payouts, complaint services, distribution between agents, optimal kei or odd systems and favored by players, maintained data security.

When entering Indonesia, the name IBCBET was heard by soccer bookies in Indonesia. They work together of course to improve service and marketing. Therefore, IBCBET also selects and ensures some of the bookies that can be shown as trusted agents. One of the trusted IBCBET agents on the site who has been working in the online gambling field since 2008 is starting to be found in Indonesia. They are trusted agents in Indonesia who are very experienced.

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The selection of agents is certainly very crucial, because IBCBET does not want an event where the bookies do not pay the winning money to the players and vice versa. With a preventive attitude, agents will be given a form of proof that players can check the IDs of agents on the IBCBET website.

However, as technology develops, the system is replaced with an online system. The marketing techniques are also different. In terms of telemarketing, it turned into a search keyword on google where players can search for trusted IBCBET agents themselves. This service improvement is now supported by the change in IBCBET’s name to Maxbet and the addition of online games that you can play via mobile phones, PCs, tablets with 3G, 4G, Wi-fi connections.

Now they have online games like:

– Sportsbook: sports betting with various international and national matches in Indonesia

– Virtual Sports: similar to sportsbook gambling but this is a virtual game that you can play with friends. The themes carried from football, horse racing, and many others.

-Esports: esports gambling, namely games or competitions for console or PC games such as CS:GO, Dota2, league of legends and many others

-Number Game: a number game like a lottery number shuffle

-Gaming: various games from online slots to live casino

Of course the development of the game still continues as there is a lot of market demand, the services they provide are no doubt because they have won awards as a trusted gambling site since 2021.