Smart Steps to Play Roulette to Win

Roulette is a casino gambling game that is currently the target of bettors. The game situs judi depobos is driven by a beautiful and sexy dealer played on a game table that has a spinning wheel. Later the dealer will throw a white ball on it and all you need to do is guess where the ball stops. When playing Roulette, you will place a bet first by using smart steps to play roulette before the Roulette wheel is rotated. At the Roulette table, you can see 37 numbers that you can place, namely 0-36. As for the color factor, it consists of black and red. If your guess is right, then you will be paid like a paytable.

The Roulette table itself consists of 2 versus, namely European Roulette and American Roulette. The European Roulette table has one 0, while the American Roulette table has two 0s (0 and 00). Because American Roulette is considered more profitable for the casino because it uses two 0s, bettors prefer to play European Roulette.

The idea for playing real money online roulette sites is to use the original rupiah currency, so that it is more concise. All deposit and withdrawal business transactions will be processed through the bank account that you provided at the time of registration. That’s the right way to play judi kartu online and you must master it before starting the game.

Tricks and Smart Steps to Play Roulette to Win

A special way to play Roulette is mastery of the Roulette game technique. This is a must have for every bettor who wants to increase his win ratio. But you know, not all the steps given on the internet are efficient in helping you win playing Roulette.

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Therefore, on this occasion, I as the admin of the website will provide ways, tricks and tips to help you solve the Roulette Playing Formula. The steps that we share have been proven to be good and appropriate, so you can immediately practice them.

Trick Building Castle

The Bulding Castle trick can only be used in European Roulette, because European and American Roulette have different number formations. Below are many things you need to look at before using this trick:

Dealers. You have to pay attention to the dealer who serves your game. You can use this trick when the dealer who serves you has a stable turnover.

Winning Score Summary. You need to watch the summary of the winning numbers. This is to make it easier for you to know the Roulette Turnover Number that will come out

The Visible Wheel. You must be able to see the wheel clearly in order to do calculations or estimates. Or you can prepare a drawing of a roulette wheel.

When you enter a Roulette Casino game table, you can see how the rounds are carried out by the dealer. It is not allowed to place bets up to 3x spins until you can see how the spins are executed

If you can see, the picture above is a schematic of the results of a steady dealer turnover. If you have found a dealer like you, place the right bet as the most efficient way to win roulette. You can place your bet on the numbers calculated in the patterns.

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Paying attention to the Good Road

Good Road is a situation where victory occurs for the same faction in a row. In the game of Roulette, Good Road is seen from the winning colors in a row. But from that situation, it consists of two types of good roads, namely positive good roads and negative good roads, each of which has other requirements. The following is a description of the positive or negative:

  • Good Road Positive is a winning streak that lasts for about five spins only.
  • Good Road Negatives are winning streaks lasting more than five spins.

Many casino bettors underestimate the state of these consecutive wins. The special role of the good road is to win by placing bets on the opposite side after five rounds.

Generally, overseas casino bettors believe that these consecutive wins are an opportunity to make big bets. And indeed they often get big wins from this good road.

In the Real Money Roulette game, you can wait until one of the colors becomes the winning color about 5 times. Then, you can pair colors that intersect on the sixth spin.