The Story of My First Experience Playing Gambling at a Casino

The name of an online casino agent gambling place , I am also a complete stranger. The only thing from my experience with gambling is that I bought lottery. Or also what when I was a child called Nalo. Even then, I only occasionally buy it when I have a good dream at night.

Regarding the gambling establishments, as far as I can remember, there were only occasional visits from watching cockfighting gambling when I was a child back in the 1970s. The others, of course, are related to the profession as well as a journalist. It is also limited to “dark” gambling locations in the Kali Jodo area, North Jakarta city.

My first experience of gambling by entering a gambling house trying to play actually happened in the city of Auckland, in New Zealand, ahead of last year’s Eid. But wait, don’t you imagine that I gambled to spend hundreds of dollars worth of money agen ubobet. I was just riding with friends who were playing. Because that friend only bought a coin worth 50 dollars to get together.

My first experience playing gambling happened when I was also a television journalist. Those who were invited by the Ministry of Culture were also from Tourism to cover the roadshow. It is a restoration of the image of Indonesian tourism from the post-bomb version or JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton in Auckland as well as in Australia.

Incidentally, the hotel where we were staying was very close to the existing city tower called the Auckland City Tower. From the top of the building there is a blue light that is also known as the gambling center there. We were also in a group to enter the building on the second night, it was around 23.00.

At first, I imagined that to be able to enter such a luxurious gambling house, it would be strictly scrutinized, as was the case with gambling in Jakarta. My shadow, even in front of the entrance there are many very tall bodyguards. It’s like a story from a friend I’ve read in a magazine.

He said, the bodyguard will also check all visitors, especially those who are still very foreign to him, it goes down to very detail. That also includes asking how much money they have taken. If you don’t have your money with you, don’t expect to be able to enter a dark gambling house, there are many in the city of Jakarta.

Overseas Casino With Not Tight Security

As it turned out, all the images that existed about the security were completely absent when I entered the Casino in the city of Auckland. We were the ones who came in groups, there were more than 10 people. That also includes dancers and models as well as singers who are very beautiful.

And it also turned out to be free to enter the Casino. Like things like going to a mall, we were not asked questions, nor were we checked. As a layman for gambling, I initially would have imagined, it was in a large room.

Even then, there are three floors that will be able to find people who are still serious in playing gambling. There they were with wrinkled faces while someone was holding a liquor bottle. That will give off a very unpleasant smell from his breath.

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